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Need help and suggestions!

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I don't want to price talk but I want people to know that my budget will be up to $2000 in the next month or less. I'd love to get the best quality/size I can for the money of course and quality/reliability is more important to me than size at the moment.

I am currently looking at Samsungs, Sonys, and possibly Sharp. I was TV shopping about 3-4 months ago and really like'd the picture of the sharp but avoided it due to the banding issues so thats why I am still shying away from them. I did buy a 46" Samsung 4665F and absolutely loved it, the size, look, and glossy screen as it made everything more vibrant but then had a bad financial situation and returned it. Since then everything is better financially and I will be ready to buy for good pretty soon. I sit about 10-12 ft from my TV and I thought that 46" was good but wouldn't oppose a good 52".

I have yet to see 120HZ in action so I don't even know if I would like it that much. Also, I'm not sure about the 8bit vs 10bit panels. I thought the 4665F I had for a short time looked fantastic but I'm not sure how many bits the panel was.

I've been looking at these TVs:

Samsung 46A650

Samsung 46A550

Samsung 46A540

I'm not really sure what the major differences are on the sony's with the letter changes. I figured 120HZ and CR.

Sony 46W3000

Sony 46V3000

Sony 46V2500

I'd like more help with suggestions as well as information from people who may own these and recommend one over another. I did really like the glossy screen as I watch the TV mostly later at night anyway.

Thanks a lot!
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Go to cnet for some reviewss.

I am in decision making process between sony 46v4100 and samsung a550.There is a price difference of about $150-200(amazon is more competive and safer). The 120hz is not worth the $ at this time-maybe in a few years, so I will wait. Sonys processing anf are better.

My side by viewing has sony ahead but have been playing the price game and lost-it went up $25 in two days.
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