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Need help badly: (RTV.to.DIVX.to.TV) LONG POST

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Ok. Here is what I want to accomplish.

Rip Mpegs from ReplayTV to PC (DONE)

Convery MPEGS to DIVX for space saving (DONE)

Now hear comes the hard part.

I want to be able to set up a computer in my living room connected to my TV. I will use Either Win2k or WinXP as the OS. ATI ALL IN WONDER RADEON 7500 is the video card. I will build an internal website with shows and descriptions and when you click on it it will launch a player and start playing in full screen on my TV. (Cool Idea - Just thought of it today)

Problem... I can play MPEGS and it will output to the PC monitor but not the TV usign WIndows Media Player.

I can play MPEGS and it will output to the PC monitor if I use Power DVD.

Both prgoram output DIVX files to the PC, but not on the TV screen. Instead its black. What can I do to fix this. I prefer to use Windows MEdia Player, but if there is another program that will play avi/divx files and will display them on a TV I would be happy. The files work. They play on a PC monitor, but not a my TV monitor... I still see windows and everything else, just no video.

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Your TV-Out module may have a max resolution limit.

Try changing your desktop resolution to 640x480 and playing the vids
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