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Need help! Broke out of the HTIBox, but need subwoofer

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Hey everyone,

You helped before in convincing me to return my panny htib system, and now I need help picking out a sub.

Right now, we have:

Athena Point 5 ($149 open box best buy)

Denon avr 2105 reciever ($420 sale tweeter)

Sammy 845 dvd ($69 open box best buy)

Panny Plasma 37"

We have $100 credit at Circuit City, and I'm willing to spend $150 more, but would like to spend as little as possible to end up with a good set-up. Any recommendations? If I don't go with something availible at Circuit City, I really don't want to spend more than $150-$200. I'm so depressed I missed the Dayton deal.

Thanks so much for your help!

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Dayton subs will be available again after 1/05/06(haven't checked the dates lately). If you want something that hits below 28hz you'll have to up your budget a bit. The H100 and Cadences XSub go for ~ $250 shipped. Very good subs.
Hi everyone, more questions...

I'm thinking of returning the Denon reciever and then using the extra $ to get the Mirage sub that is on sale at audioadvisor.

What do you think? would I see more difference in having a better reciever or a better sub?
I think you mean Vanns...the S10 is gone, the S12 is still available @ $400.

That's a tough question. It depends on what you replace it with. The Denon's a nice receiver.
Ugh, you're right.

It was from Vann's, and the one I was talking about is gone (I think)

There is an 8" availible.... would that be too small? Our room is 12 ft" by 15" (about) and open to kitchen on one end.

Otherwise, I guess I will stick with the Dayton, which should be in at PartsExpress within the next few days.

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Oh, to answer your implied question, we would get a Panny xr55 reciever instead.

Originally Posted by kal275
Oh, to answer your implied question, we would get a Panny xr55 reciever instead.


You would be trading some features away with about the same performance and save ~ $200. If you throw that into a sub, you'll get a real kick in the pants. I'd look for a used SVS or Hsu in the $300 range first on Craigslist or Audiogon. If you can't wait, look at these;




The only drawback to the Cadence Sub is that the last rev had a minor amp hum, not noticeable during playback. However, it really delivers for a budget sub for HT and music. The others are great subs as well, they'll all beat the Dayton's performance by a wide margin and are within your budget.

Good luck.
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