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NEED HELP- Building a HT system for a friend. Paradigm Atoms with Onkyo 509?

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One of my good friends weddings is coming up at the end of the month and I'd like to get him started on a HT setup for his wedding gift. He's coming from a Sony 5.1 HTIB. I'd like to get him started with a pair of speakers and a receiver. He can use his Sony speakers for surrounds, the Sony sub, and a phantom center setup until he upgrades down the line. Unfortunately I'm working with a limited budget. $500 is really maxing out what I can spend on speakers and a receiver and I'd like to stay closer to $400 if at all possible. Given these limitations I'm currently thinking about going with a pair of Paradigm Atom v6's that are slightly used that I can hopefully grab for about $200. For a receiver I was thinking of the Onkyo NR509 since it has the basic Audyssey feature and I'm thinking 80 wpc should be sufficient to drive these smaller, efficient speakers.

His listening habits will be somewhere around 70% HT and 30% music roughly. The room is yet to be determined as him and his fiance will be buying a house at some point after the wedding.

-What are your thoughts on this combo? Feel free to add any other suggestions to the list for either speakers or receiver.

-Do you feel that 80 wpc is sufficient to drive these speakers, and the small Sony surrounds, and perhaps a center channel down the line in a medium sized room?

-Are the Atom's capable of filling a medium sized room when accompanied with an adequate sub?

-How do the compare to the Mini Monitors in terms of filling a room and their low frequency extension? I got my younger brother the Mini Monitor v6's and paired them with an SVS PB10 and have been pleased with the results in a medium sized room. (About 15x20x8 or so)

Thanks in advance for any assistance and input!

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I can't comment on the speakers but going by the specs you should have no problem powering them with a Onkyo 509. I currently have the Onkyo 509 powering my Energy RC-70's and a V-5.2-C center and it's doing just fine.
Thanks for the input. Glad to hear that the 509 is working for you. It looks like you have a pretty nice setup. How do you like the Energy speakers so far?

I'm also considering Energy bookshelves as a potential option for my friend. Possibly the CB-5's or CB-10's, although at this point if I can land the Atoms for under 200 that might be the better value. I can't say for sure though as I've never heard either the Atoms or Energy speakers. I can vouch for the Studio 60's and Mini Monitors and both have impressed me.
If you're willing to spend $200 on a receiver then get one of the Denon models which has a better version of Audyssey than the entry level Onkyo 509. The Denons use Audyssey MultEQ while the Onkyo uses Audyssey 2EQ which has less filters and doesn't EQ the subwoofer.

1613 is $220 shipped

1612 is $190 shipped

1613 add networking, Pandora streaming, internet radio, etc if that matters.
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Thanks afrogt. I do like Denon's receivers. My first receiver was a 1912 and I definitely enjoyed it before I made the move to the Onkyo 818 and passed it on to my younger brother. You raise a good point about MultEQ vs 2EQ. It might be unwarranted, but I am a bit leary of refurbished products just because they have already had something go wrong. I've had good success with used speakers, but I haven't gone the used or refurbished route with receivers yet. Have you had any experience with refurbished receivers? In my reading I've seen mixed results.
As long as you purchase a Denon refurb from Accessories4less or Denon directly, I think chances are it would work out OK. From what I've read definitely avoid Dakmart. Both Dakmart and Ac4less are authorized dealers, but Ac4less seems to have a much better reputation. I have considered purchasing from them based on favorable posts I've read here on AVS forums, but have yet to do so, therefore I have no first-hand experience.
Well I pulled the trigger on the Atoms. I demoed them and was pretty impressed with the amount of sound they put out for such a small speaker. They definitely don't dig quite as deep as the mini monitors and will need to be crossed over with a decent sub at probably 80-100 hz depending on the room they're used in. Right now I'm debating whether or not to pull the trigger on an Onkyo 509 for $260 or jump on a Denon 1613 for about $305. The only reason I'm not jumping on the Denon is because if I can find another friend or two to pool our funds I may be able to use the savings from the receiver and their contributions to add a sub to the mix right off the bat as well.
Congradulations on scoring the vs 6 Atoms for your wedding gift. I believe I responded to you in another thread (paradigm) and shared that I'm very pleased with my Atoms and Minis (all vs 6)...I have the crossovers set at 80 for all of them, but in a different room indeed for the Atoms 90 or 100 might be better. I would encourage you to get the Denon because of the better version of Audyssey MultEQ vs the 2EQ on the Onkyo, as a previous AVS member already pointed out, if it all possible.
Thanks! I'm pretty excited about the Atoms. They seem like a nice little speaker. An update on my current situation. I have rounded up a couple more people to make some donations and have added more to the budget. I am leaning heavily towards the Denon 1613 for $305 because the MultEQ will be an instant upgrade to whatever sub is implemented.

I have somewhere between $150 -$250 to put towards a sub which the Atoms will definitely need. Unfortunately that puts me in a budget sub category that aren't on par with the Paradigm's sound quality. If I had another $100 to spend I could start looking at some of the HSU and Outlaw subs, but as it stands now those are out of the price range. With that said even a budget sub would at least fill in the low end so he could enjoy the Atoms right away and then he could upgrade subs down the line if he feels the need to upgrade. Again he is not an audiophile and is coming from a Sony HTIB, so no matter what this will be an upgrade from what he's used to.

Any sub recommendations in this price range?

Considered options:

Bic America F12: $198 on Amazon

Polk PSW505 12": $179 on Amazon

Outlaw Audio M8: $250

Opinions on these? Any other suggestions? Thanks again for the feedback everyone! Very much appreciated!

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Here's a thread on AVS that may be of some help in your search for a sub in that price range...

there's a list see post 1 plus discussion...

also check out the discussion here on this other thread...

hope this helps,

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