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So I was wanting to build a portable subwoofer for my Ipod. I have small speakers for it but i wanted to do this for a little extra "oomph". I figure i could hook them both up to the Ipod with a splitter (one 3.5mm male jack into the Ipod, to two 3.5mm female jacks. With one line going to the smaller speakers and one going to the subwoofer.)


-Must plug into a standard wall outlet for power

-must take a 3.5mm jack INTO the sub for input of music (same size that goes into an Ipod)

Must have a volume control or "bass boost"

I would like everything to fit inside the box so that it looks cleaner, and is mroe portable.

I understand that i am going to need either an 8 or 10 inch sub, along with mabye a 200 watt car amp. Where i get confused is i dont know what components to get to convert power from a standard wall outlet to power for a car amp. Also i need a way to have a female 3.5mm jack for input that would go into the car amp. Lastly, i need all these parts to fit nicely inside the box that i would build the subwoofer for(besides the amp, which i would find a way to attach on the outside cleanly). Unless there would be a clean way to attach everything on the outside.

I think i can handle wiring the sub to the amp along with build a suitable box to house the sub. I am just confused about how to wire everything with those certain requirements. Lastly, this is just for fun, so if it cant happen, no biggie. Thanks
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