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Hello, first of all I want to apologize if this has been gone over a bunch of times....I'm currently searching for a new bedroom TV around 40" or so. I previously had a cheap, no thrills Philips 40", 60hz LCD that served me well for a couple of years...but I wanted to upgrade. So I went out and bought a Samsung UN40F550 Smart TV, as I have a Samsung UN55D6450UF in my living room that has amazing PQ.


The new Samsung did not look good to me at all. The contrast sucked, the picture was grainy, pixilated, it just looked so much worse compared to my living room TV...now I didn't expect it to be the same PQ, but for over $600 I didn't feel it was worth the $.


I ended up returning the Samsung, I then bought an LG LN54 (which was probably a downgrade) due to the fact that it looked very very good in the store. Brought it home, hooked everything up... and overall the PQ was better as far as the contrast and colors, but the graininess/pixilation was 10x worse than the Samsung. Looked awful.


I did look up and adjust settings on both TVs, played with my DirecTV receiver, and I actually kept both TVs for over a week...The PQ wasn't there in my opinion. I ended up returning the LG as well.


I have about $650 USD to spend (which I consider cheap for anything of decent quality), and am considering a Plasma...but I'm curious what would have better PQ in that price range..(LED or Plasma).


Any good recommendations for a TV with very good PQ? I don't care about Smart; I just want a clear/smooth picture without all the pixilation and graininess.


Thanks for any and all help...  I should've just kept the Philips...
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