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Need Help Buying an LCD TV or Monitor

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I've been searching a lot and going to stores to test them out, but I don't always trust their setups. I like the kdl-40v2500 and kdl-40xbr2, but they are just never on sale when I want them to be. I was also debating picking up one of the 47" Vizio's next week at Costco for 1650.

I also want to know if there are any high contrast ratio 1080p 40ish inch monitors. I have no need for the tuners and if it will save me some money I will go for it. I could go for a screen of 37-50". It is for a room where the closest someone will be is 7 or so feet, furthest is around 9-10.

My price range is around 2000.
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personally stay away from either of the Sony's you mentioned. I returned 3 of the KDL-40V2500's due to uneven backlighting / cloudiness. I was aware of the problem beforehand, but thought I could live with it...I COULD NOT!! I have gotten my money back and am back to square one. If you must have one Co$%'s has them on sale.

After hearing about all the new Samsungs at CES I am waiting till at least March. My recommendation would be to wait if you can. Sony will probably correct the problem soon and if they don't the awesome new Samsungs will be out.

I have been a Sony man my whole life...that ended with the KDL-40V2500. I'm giving Samsung a try.
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