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HI guys ! i am newbie here. Please help me picking up best sound card (out of XONAR HDAV 1.3 OR CREATIVE TITANIUM PRO ) keeping this in mind , i have recently got myself G935 logitech wireless 7.1 headset and am fully satisfied with its sound .

Now i wanted to enjoy ps3 Hi-Def 7.1 or 5.1 Audio on my G935 , but cant do that as ps3 cant output sound through USB Port which apparently is the only output mode for the logitech G935.

The way i have figured out is divert the sound from PS3 into the computer through Sound Card (Through HDMI {can go all the way to 7.1} or Optical (Restricted to 5.1}) . Thats where the XONAR HDAV 1.3 comes into the picture as i saw that it has both HDMI IN and HDMI OUT . So before buying this expensive Sound Card i wanted to make sure that :

1. i can connect PS3's HDMI output (carrying Audio /video) through HDMI IN of HDAV 1.3

2. That way the sound will enter my PC where in i can do pretty much anything with it (like Enjoy full 7.1 surround sound)

3. And finally use the HDMI OUT to connect to Panasonic Plasma Display .

Please Advise if this combination is possible ?
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