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Need Help- Cerwin-Vega Fuses

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I got my hands on a pair of Cerwin-Vega 380-SE's (craigslist $125 for the pair) and have been blowing fuses on just one of them I inquired cv to find out what fuses I need to buy they told me I needed 2.5A slowblows it had 1.5A fuses in them with a spring and wire in the fuse. I'm just hoping someone knows a little more about them they came with some documentation but nothing about the fuses. There rated at [email protected] max

I'm not sure what is blowing the fuses either but I ordered some 12 gauge wire and plan on buying a Onkyo 807 in a week or so upgrading from a yamaha htr-5930
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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