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Need help choose a good LCD HDTV

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This little questionaire is what im truely looking for in a LCD HDTV i'm not really a wiz in the TV world. Hope you guys can help me find some HDTV's. Thanks.

1) What size display would you prefer?


2) Percentage wise; what will this display be used for?

35% Gaming, 25% TV, 30% Movies 10% PC

3) Do you have a current preference for a display technology?


4) Are you prone to rainbow effect on current DLP sets?


5) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like?

Any brand that is good quality. No Sony ( I don't have enough money for Sony im only 14)

6) How big is your room?


7) How far back is your seating?

2-3 Feet

8) Is ambient light an issue? (Big windows / patio doors nearby, etc...)


9) What is your budget?


10) Do you mind buying online without seeing the display in person?

not at all

11) If 'no' to number 10, What stores are in your local area that you can purchase from?

Best Buy, Tweeter, Electronic Express, Cicuit City anything that would be found in a suburbish kind of area

12) What country are you buying this in?


13) You're looking for an HDTV, right?

Of course

14) Do you plan on recieving free HDTV broadcasts over the air, or will you have HD Cable / Satelite?


15) Are the display's looks and stylishness of the cabint important to you?

not really

16) Is the display's cabinet size an issue?


17) List all of your current A/V devices, plus any that you plan on purchasing.

Xbox 360, 2 piece Sony sterio, DirecTV satillite standard reciver
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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