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Need help choosing a gaming LCD :(

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I know these types of threads are annoying and i am searching as you read this.. hehe

About a year ago i tried buying an HDTV and ended up returning one after the other and just gave up. I settled on a Toshiba 37AV500U reluctantly and have been using it ever since. I am looking for something smaller to put next to my computer and play console games on.

I am looking for either a 24 inch 16:9 computer monitor or 26/27 inch HDTV. Budget is $500 CAD (I can spend more if i have to). Basically i will be using it for Xbox 360 + PS3 and maybe the occasional BlueRay. So looking for the "best" one for gaming.

The dell S2409W is on sale ATM for $269 CAD but i cant bring myself to buy it because of their return policy. So i am basically limited to www.futureshop.ca .. Or any online store with a good return policy

I would like to avoid the whole months of buying and returning so i'm just wondering what some of you "pros" think.

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My son went with a 32" 1080P for his PS3. A Toshiba I think, but he paid $650 US. Pixels will cost you money. Computer monitors will work, but they will not come with tuners and as many inputs as the TV set will have.
I think 32 would be to big to sit a couple feet in front of. Also i have no need for tuners or many connections. I could live with Xbox = VGA and PS3 = HDMI.

All i want is a excellent picture for games, no ghosting and no dead pixels. Which is why i cant buy from dell. They only return if you have more then 6 or something
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wegotbetterdeals.com has a toshiba 530u onsale for $532 bucks its 1080p and has a 14bit processor. look into it and let me know what you think
The BenQ E2400HD is looking good. Just cant find it in town
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