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I've been looking at a few camcorders and looked to get some feedback on a few. The main camcorders I'm considering right now are:

Sony: FDR-AX100, HDR-CX900, HDR-PJ810

Canon: G30, G20

This will be just a family use camcorder, no professional work at all. Because of that I feel the PJ810 or G20 would be a better fit as I won't need a lot of the pro-sumer features. Part of me wants to stay away from the AX100 as I don't have anything to consume 4k video with yet, plus I don't want to deal with the extra storage required or extra processing time needed for re-encoding. Also, we only film with phones today, so anything will be an improvement to us. I just want to get nice quality recordings, and having options to play with can always be fun.

  • No stores around me have the AX100 or CX900 yet. I worry about the size and weight of these as they seem a bit bigger than the PJ810. Are the official weight and dimension for these 2 out there yet?
  • Has anyone actually worked with the CX900 yet? I know it's the non-4k version of the AX100, but I'm wondering how video quality is for this camera.

If I had to narrow it down to 2, I'd say the PJ810 and CX900 are my top 2 choices. But without anyone really talking about the CX900 yet, I worry if it will be a good camera or not.
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