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Hi I'm looking for a receiver and my budget is 1000 dollars.

I currently have 5.2 speaker setup.

The brand of the speakers are Axiom audio. 2 Floorstanding speaker, one 4 ohm center speaker, and 2 bookshelf speaker for the rear surround.

I have 2 Elemental Design AE-300 Subwoofer, 250-300 watt each.

My TV is a projector (Benq w1070) It's a 1080p, I'm not going to use 4k at all.

The room is 11x14 feet room, with 7.5 feet ceiling.

Does Dobly Atmos make a significant difference?

I have to buy it from Crutchfield as I got a 500 gift card as a gift.

If my budget is 1000 dollar. What should I get?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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