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Need help choosing between an LG or Samsung LED

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I'm visiting my dad in Berlin , and he's looking for a new tv after the previous one stopped working.

He has no real idea when it comes to technical matters , so he's using me to do his dirty work ... I was hoping someone here could help me out

I'll admit that I have no real idea what happened in television since LED came into the market , I am aware that it's LED LCD's VS Plasma and 3D and SmartTV are a thing, but I don't really know what weaknesses to look out from, I've noticed clouding and viewing angles as the main issue, and an apparent "panel roulette" that Samsung TV's seem to suffer from- at least for EU users, you never know which panel you'll get.

The requirements are as follows:

1) Price - of course in Germany the prices won't be exactly the same.

These are the TV's available, I believe the 70 in the end of models is just an EU identifier and it's basically the same tv as the US model with 00 at the end.

My main 2 choices after seeing what got the most reviews (which were positive) on Amazon are:

Samsung UE46F6470

Samsung UE46F6270

LG 47LN5758

I heard that LG sets have better viewing angles, but Samsung is obviously more popular.

These are all the choices I've looked at in my price range:

46 inches -

Samsung UE46F5070

Samsung UE46EH5300

Samsung UE46F5370 ( I think similar to 5300 only European but not sure )

Samsung UE46F5000

Samsung UE46F5570

Samsung UE46F6270

Samsung UE46F6170

( I skipped Philips TVs just because I heard they weren't as good).

47 inches -

LG 47LN5406

LG 47LN5778

LG 47LN5708

LG 47LN5758

LG 47LA6136

Ambition in terms of price is 400-500 euro max , deviation will be allowed up to 50 euros if there is some crazy value of the cost \ benefit. The site I use to compare prices is idealo.de .

My main requirements are: A quality TV , good picture quality in SD and HD , if at all possible I'd like it to support USB playback of mkv's and such. I don't have to have 3D or Smart TV's, though I'm not opposed to it on principle.

Any one who could help me with this would truly be a lifesaver!
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Like you I didn't want 3d, I got a really good price on a Samsung UE46F5000 and grabbed that as I was most keen on the extensive range of file formats available for the USB. If there was anything I couldn't stand with the X-Box, Play Station, etc was the inability to play so many standards. Depends on model, but some LGs won't read AVI. (But you can convert!!!) BAH I Say.  I don't want to spend time converting files, I want my TV to read whatever I throw at it. The Samsung is yet to disappoint.  Picture quality great, sound excellent.


Here's my regrets:


It's not a smart TV (I got an Apple TV and that works great. Adds 100 bucks to system cost, but I can mirror my mac screen, play Spotify from iPHone through the optic cable to stereo etc, so I'm probably better off) 

Can't edit the signal source names (I want the Wii to say Wii!)

Only two HDMI inputs -- I could really use a couple more.


But overall, the regrets are small potatoes, I saved a bundle buying last year's tech and not getting suckered by crap 3D, and I'm not cursing a piece of hardware that won't play the file I've just spent an hour torrenting down. 


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