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Need help choosing new subs for my 804d3 htm2d3 rosenut setup

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So I’ve recently upgraded my center stage to the d3 bowers and Wilkins series 804d3 htm2d3, absolutely love them and the rosenut finish is beautiful. My dilemma is idk what sub or subs to get at this point, with my lower end systems I’ve used duel dynamo 1500x’s, dual sb16 ultras, dual Klipsch 15’ subs, and pretty much b&w,svs,Martin Logan, def tech,sunfire, Klipsch, paradigm and a few rels...which I liked for music but for any other application I felt the s5 show was lacking.

I live in a condo two story townhouse, medium living room but aesthetics is huge as I’ve spent a great deal on furniture and bdi and salamander design home theater pieces to accommodate the d3’s. My budget is about 2000$ and I would like to stay pretty small with at least a 12’ driver in a gloss black or a finish close to rosenut. I was thinking dual sb3000s as I find the front control of the 4000 ugly...but I feel like I’m cheating out if I go dual 3000s and would they even meld well with the 804d3.Any advice or opinions would simply be amazing ty!
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Hsu has a rosenut finish option that sould be on your list to consider http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/uls-15mk2.html a pair of these will come in a bit under 2k and should be superior to the sb3000.
Good question - I've also just gone to 804 D3's and replacing an old REL Storm 5. Thinking of an S5 SHO or a G2 on sale, but no room for the G2....

The storm 5 is also lacking for HT. I might keep that for the mains and add a predator 1508 for the HT....
Unfortunately budget does not allow a 212.
OP: I notice you are in Austin TX. Another option you should consider is a pair of F12's from Rythmik. It is available in a gloss black http://www.rythmikaudio.com/F12SE.html

At 1099 each, you will get a 10% discount when purchasing duals which will put you right at 2K. But since Rythmik is local to you, can probably also save a few more bucks picking them.

Also, with local pick up, 2 E15's would come in just a bit over budget.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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