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Hello people,

I've tried to gather information on the internet, but it seems like it's way harder to understand audio compared to video.

I got 2 Sanyo AD5060 3-way speaker systems and my dad gave me his old Sanyo 2033 receiver. I'm wondering if the speakers are any good? I couldnt find much info on these on google. As for the receiver, it does not really fit my needs since there's only one auxiliary "in", which means I would have to decide between my ps3, xbox or tv to plug in. Unless I'm missing something?

Basically, I'm wondering if these speakers are worth trying and what wo0uld be a good amplifier for them that could run my ps3, xbox and tv? Also, is there a huge difference between a regular av connection and a digital one soundwise? I know you can't get hdmi tv with av cables, but I have no idea how it affects sound.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to your replies.

PS. I posted that same topic at a different place, I just believe the more replies I get the more informed I will be.
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