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Greetings I was wondering if this BYTECC OP-SP104 1 to 4 Optical Audio Splitter from Newegg will work?
I currently using an astro a40 Headset which came with a preamp. I hook up my Headset to the pre amp to my ps4 wia optical connector for mostly doing chat in Destiny.

However there was this great deal for a 3d blueray home theater that I just bought. My question is Can I use BYTECC OP-SP104 1 to 4 Optical Audio Splitter?

In other words can I connect my headset with the preamp in the 1 output, my ps4 in the 2nd output, and my home theater in the input since my blueray hometheater only accepts in input via optical cable? Can I still chat with my friends?:confused Thanks.
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