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hey guys,

i recently calibrated my 60inch Samsung ES8000 LED tv. i am thinking of adding some LED ambient light strips to the back panel of the tv as bias lighting.

i am not sure which kit to get, and what color.

my current living room consist of 3 sources of soft white light. two in the front next to the tv (one on each side oft the TV), and one in the back corner of the room NOT directly facing the tv screen. overall i get a ambient light reading of 10 Lux from where i sit. the light bulbs from all three light sources are all rated roughly 30watts (actually 7 watts CFL bulbs). they're all soft white light color.

i am not sure if i should get a bias light for the back of the tv that's the same soft white color temperature or i should go a colder temperature like "bright white".

my TV is properly calibrated to D65 btw if that makes any difference.

would love all the inputs.

also i found some good deals on amazon that sell some LED strips by ft.

i just need help choosing the right kit, and the right color.
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