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I know you may see that question a lot around here, but I am swimming in specs and need a little help.

I am installing a whole house audio system (ONQ- with high impedance keypads) with channel vision ceiling speakers in 5 rooms and I wanted receiver to use for the music but have decided to really just go ahead and get a av receiver since I already have the 42" Samsung in the same room where my equipment is setup.

For my setup, based on reading this forum and doing other research my room size and layout prohibit 7.1 being worth the money, so I have settled on 5.1, however to be able to use it for the music at the same time as for the TV, it needs to be multiroom and multi source, right?

And I also thought it would be nice to have the HMDI upconversion, but I will settle for just having 1 HDMI cable going to the TV.

I had kind of settled on the Pioneer 819 but the Denon 1610 looked nice too, but was more money. Advice?
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