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Got a piece of plexiglass I'm going to paint some screen paint on and made the unfortunate mistake of taking the plastic covering on plexiglass off, before hand, so as to inspect the plexi and now I'm having a bit of hard time cleaning all the random cloth fibers, from using cloth to wipe the plexiglass off, and getting rid of water stains from rinsing in water. Need some advice from you guys on how to clean the plexi off so it's crystal clear again.

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50% Denatured Alcohol + 50% "Distilled Water" applied liberally using a soft Cotton Tee that is saturated to a wet level.

Wipe gently with a light motion, just enough to wet the surface, then using a slightly dampened "Alcohol only" Cotton Tee, "GENTLY" wipe (do not scrub) the surface to remove excess water/alcohol.

Let dry
Repeat in necessary.

After 1-2 cleanings you can be sure that there will be nothing on the Plexi that will interfere with applying paint. Even slight streaks will be clean enough to have no effect.

What you do want off would be dust, oil, fingerprints, etc. and the method of cleaning above will effect that quite adequately.
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