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Need help connecting KEF LS50s

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So I got a pair of KEF LS50 Meta in Carbon Black from a local dealer, today. Here is my temp setup (borrowed some items from my brother in law), before I make up my mind on a permanent amplifier setup.

I now got a pair of KEF LS50 Meta connected to 2x Vidar mono blocks from Schiit via balanced out (XLR, mono, one Vidar per speaker), then into Cambridge Audio MagicDAC 200M (balanced in) and then via bluetooth to my Surface playing Tidal (limited and no MQA).

I am doing something wrong as when I click play I get such a loud music, I am afraid I will blow speakers. Is the MagicDAC 200M set as fixed vs variable and mono blocks give it all the power or is the DM not a preamp and this won't work? I have a RME ADI-2 DAC in the house as well. Maybe that will work better?

Tidal, Surface volume is at 1 but when I click play I am about to blow the speakers.

I feel stupid but can you help?
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I’m not sure, but what is the volume set to on the surface? Is it also set to minimum?

1st Edit-Sorry, just reread your post…it’s early.

2nd Edit-Your DacMagic acts like it is a fixed output signal. I think you need a preamp to line in from the dacmagic.

3rd Edit- I copied this from the detail link on Crutchfield.

The XLR and RCA outputs can be set to a fixed output (not controllable by the DAC's volume knob) or a variable output (controllable by the volume knob).

So it sounds like you need to unhook and reconfigure the output to use the volume knob.

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Not sure you’ll see my last edit as a notification, so I thought I’d make a separate post to trigger any notifications you might have.

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I guess I don't have a great answer for you. But, really, a question: Is bluetooth your ONLY option?
I ended up connecting with USB. Like I said earlier, this a temp setup as I'm deciding on a permanent amp solution.
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