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Hi Guys :

Just bought a 65 4k sony along with the FMP-X1 4k media player. The problem is that I have a pioneer elite VSX-52 7.1 receiver (should have 4K passthru ) But does not work (I tried several things.)

Test (1)-- came out of HDMI 1 on media player to HDMI 4 on TV. result 4K video and sound (out of tv speakers ) OK if I do not want to use the thousands of dollars that I spent on audio gear and loud speakers !!!!!!!!!

test (2)--Came out of HDMI 1 on media player to any HDMI input on receiver then HDMI out of receiver to HDMI4 in on TV (Did this with all other sources i.e. cable, DVD, etc etc. except to HDMI 1 on TV with no problems 1080P ) Result-- Did not pass 4K signal audio or video thru receiver

(Test 2 )--came out of HDMI 2 on media player (after switching audio out on tv setting to HDMI2 ) to any HDMI input on receiver then HDMI out of receiver to HDMI 4 on TV. result

Pioneer Elite receiver would display PCM for about a few seconds then the display would switch to a DD movie display and no sound would come out this would toggle back and forth till it gave me a headache. I tried to remove the other source inputs to revceiver, this would give me PCM for maybe 3 minutes and then back to toggle sound no sound.

I spent about 6 hours on the phone with Sony support with various answers that I had already done Boiler plate answers that I had to give over and over again to different people. I have a phone meeting now scheduled with a so called product specialist tomorrow.

I am also going to call pioneer and ask there input. I am very frustrated at the moment and a little disappointed in sony. I also had to replace a defective high speed cable that came with the media player after asking why the picture quality was no poor and listening to how I had to make a few hours of adjustments on the phone ( I had to find bad cable on my own.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME. This TV is replacing a PIoneer Elite Plasma that I have had for about 7 years ( Now upstairs still running great )

Thanks in advance for any and all help
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