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I know it has been discussed multiple times here, but I still cannot make up my mind.

Currently have Optoma HD70, but want a projector with a full 1080P and also something brighter.

I have a dedicated room, the projector is ceiling mounted and projector placement is not a problem for me, have quite a bit of flexibility. Light control is somewhat a problem - I there is a certain level of ambient light, although even my current projector is watchable in those conditions.

I am going to use it mostly for DVD movies, 3D is nice to have but not the main feature.

Price range is up to 2K. My current choices are Benq W1070, Benq W1500, b-stock Epson 5020ub (if I can find one) or Panasonic W8000, which currently can be had for about $2100.

Since no one in my family seems to be prone to a rainbow effect problem, the main dilemma for me is whether LCD projector, such as Epson/Panny will give me a significantly better picture for twice the price.

Between W1070 and W1500 - the only reason to go with a more expensive one is higher brightness, but I understand that either one will be a big upgrade from what I have now.

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