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Hello this is for a business purpose and not for home theater at all.


The 7 spread throughout the floor in different rooms intended to play the same music channel with equal power through them all.

So when i play stereo i would need it to just play 2 channels but to be able to play it through all 7 in ceiling speakers.


So i need receiver suggestions.

Also im planning on buying decent quality in ceiling speakers to have 100 or more RMS.



Also if you have any in ceiling speaker suggestion, i would appreciate that as well.

Planning for speakers that can also handle bass so probably 3 way?, i do not plan on having a subwoofer on the floor. All the speakers will be in ceiling and solely to play music.

The amplifier needs to be able to play same channel at high power for all channels.


Im looking for decent sized speakers with above 100rms per channel.

Speakers im currently planning on perhaps based on favorites on amazon

Polk Audio RC80i





Thank you in advance to all the people,

First time user
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