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Guys, i being reading all the posts
Looking to get some advice from audiophiles here

I am looking to get my home theater installed from local delaer
i have 2 quotes from him

1) Martin logan, ESL's in the front, with C2 in center, 2 IC in the back with JVC projector, Integra reciever and 2 ML subwoofer, stewards 120 motorized screen

2) BW in walls Cwm 7.4 and CCM 7.5 in the back, with 2 JL subwoofers

my room size is 25X 18

both setup are same price point

my viewing will be mostly movies and sports



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Can you give us a little more information about your room? 25x18 is a pretty good size space.

Is this a dedicated theater room or a general purpose media/living room? Is it open to other rooms?
How loud do you like to listen?
Do you have any options for surrounds other than in-ceiling?

Those are two radically different speaker selections. Do you know why those two specifically were chosen from the range your dealer offers?

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Onkyo TX-NR3010 9.2-Channel THX Certified Network A/V Receiver 1 $1,299 $1,299
Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker (Front) 2 $749 $1,498
Polk Audio RTI A3 Bookshelf Speakers (Rear) 2 $350 $700
Polk Audio RTi4 High Performance Bookshelf (Side) 2 $250 $500
Klipsch RC-62 II Reference Series Center Channel 1 $349 $349
SVS PB2000 Subwoofer 2 $799 $1,598
Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020 2D and 3D Projector 1 $1,349 $1,349
FAVI 180 inch 16:9 Electric Projector Screen 1 $526 $526
Premium Aluminum and Glass Speaker Stands 4 $59 $236
Grand Total $8,055

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Ya, I'm no expert, but more would need to be known here. Those ML ESLs have a tiny sweet spot (but very, very sweet in that spot). The BW speakers (while I haven't heard the in walls myself) probably are a bit colored (BW speakers have a very specific BW sound). I personally like BW, but not everyone does (again, I've auditioned the bookshelf versions, not the in-walls).

Have you auditioned these...even if not in your room? If so, when you listened to the ESLs, did you try moving off-axis? The high's and high-mids drop off when you move laterally.

So many questions and variables...this is going to be very difficult for someone to answer. Please give more details.
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