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Heres My setup.

Panasonic th50px60u

sony ps3

xbox 360

Motorola cable dvr box

Indoor antenna

Infinity tss1100chr surround sound speakers

Ps3 is connected hdmi to tv.

Xbox 360 using component to tv.

Motorola is using hdmi to tv

Indoor antenna is using coaxial cable to back of tv.

So i need to have a reciever with optical in for tv to listen to DD for ota.

And either 2 more optical ins for the ps3 and xbox 360 or i could use the hdmi to the reciever and then hdmi to the tv and let the reciever retain the audio.

also do the same for the cable box with hdmi out.

I also want the reciever to work well with the speaker.

Here is a link about the speakers: http://reviews.digitaltrends.com/rev...ntro15807.html

Now for the reciever i am looking at denon or onkyo since i get great discounts on them.

My selection is these:

Onkyo tsxr674


or the denon

avr 878

avr 887

avr 987

Which one do you think would be the best.

I also use the ps3 to play blueray movies so i might be interested in better sound quality if the reciever can take it through hdmi.

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I have the ts-xr674. I have read that there are some issues with the LFE on the sub with certain sources and it does seem like I have to gain it up a bit on HD-dvd's.

I think if I were you I would look at the ts-xr804 or the denon 2807. they were a bit more money but I have read they take care of this issue by bosting the lfe effect on those inputs. but you may research that a bit.

you will love the simplicity of the setup though. I like the 674 I just noticed after I ran the calibration I had to gain the sub output up on hd-dvd or blu-ray material which makes me think the LFE issue is there on this model. I have a ps3 and a hd-a2. picture and sound are great via hdmi.
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