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hello, i need a little help deciding on a tv, or maybe a push in the right direction.

i'm currently tv shopping, i have not decided lcd or plasma, i'm keeping an open mind for either. I have a bedroom with dim light, and i have always been a fan of glossy or semi gloss screens. I really enjoy 120hz lcds, namely the samsung 6 series. Afew tv's i have looked at recently are :

Vizio SV470XVT

Samsung ln46a650

Samsung LN-T4671F

Panasonic 46pz80u

Panasonic 46pz85u

Philips 47pfl7403d

I am keeping an open mind, so any suggestions would be appreciated. The cheaper the better, any savings could be used to grab a cheap ps3 or towards a new pc. This will be my media center. I will have my gaming pc as the main input, as it has a blu ray player, and i plan on gaming and surfin the web. That would be its main use. I also have direct tv, and will occasionally hook up the snes
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