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I have an old AVC-A1SE which has been great, it used to drive a 7.1 system 2 x B&W 604 (s1) (8 ohm); 2 X b&w scm8 (4 ohm); 3 x LCR6 (s2) (8 ohm); ASW 1000;

With a new plasma, we decided to make the move from component to HDMI, we also decided to go from 1 zone (7.1) to 2 zones (5.1 LCR6, ASW1000 and SCM8 and 2 x 604);

I did'nt really want to get rid of the AVC-A1SE, so I thought tha maybe I could use it as a power amp for the 5.1 system and get a new amp...

I ended up with an AVR 2809 as the new amp so I now run Zone 2 off the 2809 (surround back's - assigned amp) and run the pre outs from the 2809 into the AVC-A1SE for zone 1;

It all sort of works apart from the remotes get mixed up (tried to change the remote id - but did'nt work) so when I alter the volume on one amp or change a function/source the other amo changes, even tried blocking the infra red sensor on the avc-a1se.

So my question is... Is there a better way to use my components without spending to much (any more) money?


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Apparently, your problem is focused on the remote controlling of both amplifiers.

Before giving you my opinion, do you need the AVC-A1SE to work also as an integrated amplifier or just as a power one?

If you want to use it as a power amp (what a pity, this amplifier is still a beautiful control center), you can mask its IR remote eye and set its volume control by hand at the desirable level.

Then, the only thing that you have to do is turn it up by hand and let it always be at its multichannel analog input. It "remembers" it, even if you turn it off.

The control then is transfered only to 2809.

Otherwise, you may have to talk to Denon. They may have a solution by a secret service menu of the Remote Control, which may allow one of the two to work with its own amplifier, like the VCR (or DVD Recorder) remotes, with which you can control more than one devices of the same maker.
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