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I am pretty tech savvy but I don't have a good understanding of Home A/V.

Scenario -
  • I have 3 sets of speakers (Kitchen 2 pairs Episode ES-300-IC-6, Study 2 pairs Episode ES-300-IC-6, Master Bath 1 Single Stereo Speaker ES-500-ICDVC-6)
  • I have an Impedence Rotary Volume control in each of the respective rooms: Episode EVC-100R-WHLA
  • These speakers are all home run to my basement
  • I have a small AV rack in my basement and the ability to blast IR to the basement from my Light Switches using my Insteon Home Automation system
  • My audio source comes from an HDMI matrix. I have Apple TV/Computer/Blue Ray inputed into the Matrix and have an HDMI out connection from the matrix which I would like to supply audio to these various speakers around the house.

I did have all these speakers connected to an Onkyo TX-NR609 which just died. I am working with Onkyo to see if they will cover the unit even though it's out of warranty (Fingers Crossed). I connected the speakers to the various surround sound output ports on the back and just set the receiver to "All Channel Audio" to get the same volume through each of the respective speakers.

What I don't know is if this is a good way to power my multi room setup. I like the built in Internet Radio Streaming on the Onkyo since I use Pandora/Spotify. I like the network control (ISCP) that the Onkyo has because I was able to control it from my home automation system to send network commands.


I do not love having to go to each individual room and turning the rotary up or down to turn of that individual room. I am considering purchasing: http://www.atonhome.com/DLA4Room.html which it looks like I can control individual rooms via IR.

Could I hook up a speaker switcher device like this to my Onkyo TX-NR609 (if I get it fixed) and get the digital audio out (HDMI) into the Aton Speaker selector? Or should I consider purchasing an HDMI extractor to pull out the audio and hook that into a Stereo Amplifier? Then have the Stereo Amp hooked into the Aton speaker selector? What's a good Stereo Amp to buy if I go that route? Should I be using a Stereo Amp instead of an AV Receiver?

Thanks a million!
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