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Need help finding a component switch box.

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My Projector: SHARP NOTEVISION 1080i DLP XR-1S

My Peripherals: Xbox 360, Motorola SD cable box, PC with 8800gts

Sound: Logitech Z-2300

My ultimate goal is to have a component switching box to where i can run all the components through the VGA on the projector which scales up to 1080i and i also need the audio to be able to be played from each device without having to unplug everytime. Any ideas?, keep in mind im a college student and dont have thousands of dollars to throw at this setup.
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sounds like you need an a/v receiver. not sure about the whole diff connection types to vga thing tho. i've never heard of that.
Can you use component instead of vga? If not, for a start, is this at least something like what you are looking for?

I use the Audio Authority box which autoswitches as sources turn on and off. As my remote (logitech) automatically switches the sources off when unselected, the component switcher keeps everything in synch.

The AA box is expensive - much more than you can find on monoprice, but those don't autoswitch (but they do have a remote!)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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