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**Warning, I tend to ramble in my posts and this one was no different, if you just want to read my actual questions please skip and read only the 4th paragraph down, which is enough as it is to read, sorry! The first two are just about my good experience with Monoprice and RAM Cables.**

Let me just say I remember when I first I heard about Monoprice on this site a few years back and I quickly ordered 10 of their premium cables for my new Receiver. This included 2 HDMI, 2 Component, 2 Optical, 3 Standard RCAs, A Digital Coax and an S-Video Cable and in addition I also got 10 Banana Plugs and 50 Feet of speaker wire all for $107 shipped and this was when their cables cost a tad bit more, I was shocked to get this many normally expensive cables for so cheap, this was in late 07 so HDMI was the new hot thing and everyone was selling them for at least $25-50 bucks for 6 feet at that time too.

Of course prior to Monoprice I had just started to buy a few cables online from other sites, but I had like so many others had fallen to Monster Cables from back 10 years ago when I did my first setup so I still have some of those in my system too, mainly just some plain RCAs and a two optical cables because they still work fine of course, I just paid $50 for a 6 foot optical at the time I am sure. But everything else is Monoprice at this point besides two RAM Cables which I love and they are still my second fav company to go to for cables and would be my first if they were not so expensive, well they are fair I am just spoiled by M-Price.

But I have a 35 Foot Component cable from them that runs from my computer to my receiver and it is by far my favorite cable that I own, this is due to the fact that although it is literally the thickest AV cable I have ever seen since the 3 cables are bundled into one rounded and heavily shielded jacket, people ask me if it is one of those heavy duty 10 gauge consecution extension cords, despite its huge diameter it is one of the most flexible high quality cables I own and it will easily just flow nicely wherever you want it too. It also has the best Calard connectors on it that have no death grip but fit snug. Here is a link to the cable I am talking about http://www.ramelectronics.net/audio-...prod55872.html

So if I love RAM cables so much why don't I just buy that? Well it would cost $25 shipped and I plan on ordering a ton of other stuff from Monoprice this weekend (lots of computer and network cables) so I want to just get it all in one order. The only two cables I want to replace with something more flexible are the 6 Ft Component cables to go from my AVR to my TV as well as a 3 Ft HDMI cable that does the same. Right now I am using a this Monprice 3 Ft HDMI Cable http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2 which is 24 AWG, it is very nice but it is super stiff and instead of having down out of the way like my other cables it just sticks straight out into the air and puts strain on the components no doubt and it doesn't help that the HDMI in on my TV is vertical on on the AVR it is horizontal. I could buy right angle adapters or "port savers" but those are a much as a new cable.

I also have their RG-6/U 18 AWG Component cable, which again is a great cable with nice connectors but it is too damn stiff and hard to push it out of the way and make look neat without it putting a strain on the connectors, even with relatively short 6 foot cable! It always just goes back to some awkward form that it likes to be in. Now it's funny because the premium digital Coax cables I have from them which use the same RG06/U Coax as well no flexibility issues, but that is probably because it is just a single cable, not three bundled together. Also their premium Toslink cable with the silver braided jacket is SUPER flexible which is great and I love those cables and their standard RCAs that use RG-59/U are fine as well (minus tight fitting RCA plugs!), which is my only other complaint about their cables, but it is only on their standard RCAs for whatever reason, all my other cables connectors are not too tight.

So I am thinking that for a short 3 Foot HDMI run and a short 6 Foot Component run cables this thick are overkill and I should just go with their standard component cable which is RG-59/U and should be much more flexible, it is also only $3, you just give up the nice looking fancy connectors, but no big deal. Monoprice even says this themselves The premium is preferable for extended runs and/or in-wall use. Has anyone used this particular component cable line from them? Is it fairly flexible, would just like to know before I order and get another stiff one! As for the HDMI cable I have no idea which one to get, I know I am not getting another one with the net jacket like mine but one did catch my eye, this 24 AWG flat one for $5 http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2

Or I could go with their cheapest line, the 28 AWG ones that come in all the different colors, I am guessing they don't sell these any longer than 10 feet for a reason, and I know that 28 AWG is more than fine for short runs but I still would feel better with a 24 AWG for whatever reason, esp for only $1 more. As long as that flat cable isn't thick, I am sure maybe a few people here have tried it out since it would be easy to hide under carpet or run along a baseboard and such I would think it would be an appealing option to many people.

Sorry for typing so much about my simple cable dilemma, but may some of you have experienced the same thing, again I love Monoprice but a few of their cables are too beefy for their own good! I am pretty sure this is because they simply terminate Coax with RCA connectors for a lot of their cables, and since coax cables have some much braided shielding inside when you have an 18 AWG cable added to that it is going to not make for a pliable cable! All this shielding would be ideal for in wall or long runs like they recommend these cables for so I think I just went overkill and stepping it down will be fine.
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