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Need help finding an antenna for in my attic

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I'm very new to the antenna route. I recently canceled comcast because the fees were getting outrageous!

I found that I already have a cable line running to the attic in my two story townhouse, so to keep things simple, I would like to mount an antenna there. Can this be effective? Antennaweb shows that I should get a red type antenna... I'm just looking for the simplest solution possible. Any help would be appreciated. My antennaweb output is below.

yellow - uhf WUTB 24 UPN BALTIMORE MD 21° 6 24

yellow - uhf WNUV 54 WB BALTIMORE MD 21° 6 54

* yellow - uhf WNUV-DT 54.1 WB BALTIMORE MD 47° 11 40

* yellow - uhf WMPT-DT 22.1 PBS ANNAPOLIS MD 155° 16 42

* yellow - uhf WBFF-DT 45.1 FOX BALTIMORE MD 47° 11 46

green - uhf WBFF 45 FOX BALTIMORE MD 47° 11 45

green - uhf WMPT 22 PBS ANNAPOLIS MD 155° 16 22

* red - uhf WUSA-DT 9.1 CBS WASHINGTON DC 234° 23 34

red - vhf WMAR 2 ABC BALTIMORE MD 47° 11 2

* red - uhf WMAR-DT 2.1 ABC BALTIMORE MD 47° 11 52

* red - uhf WJLA-DT 7.1 ABC WASHINGTON DC 234° 23 39

red - vhf WBAL 11 NBC BALTIMORE MD 47° 11 11

* red - uhf WBAL-DT 11.1 NBC BALTIMORE MD 47° 11 59

red - vhf WJZ 13 CBS BALTIMORE MD 47° 11 13

* red - uhf WJZ-DT 13.1 CBS BALTIMORE MD 47° 11 38

* red - uhf WTTG-DT 5.1 FOX WASHINGTON DC 235° 23 36

red - uhf WBDC 50 WB WASHINGTON DC 229° 20 50

* red - uhf WBDC-DT 50.1 WB WASHINGTON DC 229° 20 51
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yes, attic mounted antenna can be very effective. but with all ota reception there are variables, distance direction terrain, trees houses etc...

you might start with a small indoor antenna and see how that works. usually radio shack, home depot, lowes, walmart carry antenna locally for you easy to find and return if needed.

then see if you need one up in the attic.

need more info though. what exactly are you using for reception equipment. stb, tv? what channels are you looking for or need the most and are not getting or have trouble with.
We just bought a new Samsung plasma with built in HD tuner. Its being delivered tomorrow. We won't be using an STB.

We don't have comcast, so our only way of watching tv now is OTA. We really just want all of the networks with priority in this order: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, UPN, WB.

I currently have a Megawave UHF, VHF, FM antenna that I can hook up. Its not amplified. We can get about 10 or so analog channels with it on our current tv, but not great quality.

When I get the new tv, I'll try hooking this one up. If I do end up buying another antenna, is there a particular one I should try? Would a put a normal radio shack or walmart antenna in my attic, or is there a different type that would be better for this situation?

Thanks for your help.
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The antenna you have now will probably work but all the digitals in Baltimore and DC are UHF so you'd want a UHF antenna for your attic. Are you shooting for one city over the other or does it matter? You may have issues getting both since they are in opposite directions.
We are closer to baltimore, so I think we may get a better signal going that route. Is there a particular UHF antenna I should get? Are certain types better for attics? I'm just looking for a reasonably priced simple solution (if that exists).
If you do go the attic route, you can start off with the Radio Shack UHF yagi, it's like $27 bucks and returnable. As long as you have nothing in the construction of the house that will block the signal into the attic, it should work good. RS also has an attic antenna mount or you can try hanging it from the rafters.
Do you know the part number or a better description of that antenna at radio shack? I checked there website and couldn't find anything that referenced yagi. Would it be considered an indoor or outdoor antenna?

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