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I have been searching for a set of wireless outdoor speakers to which I could somehow connect to my iPod, which is currently docked in a DLO HomeDock Deluxe inside my home, so that I can listen to my music in my backyard? The speakers must be wireless because I can't be digging up any of my yard nor can I punch through any walls in my house to get the speakers to the backyard...

Not sure if its possible, but are there any wireless speakers on the market that can somehow be diasy-chained to each other (perhaps via an antenna or relay-point of some sort) to allow me to listen to my music on my front porch (which is right outside of the room with the DLO HomeDock), and at the same time listen to the same music by my pool (which is about 100-150ft. further into my backyard).

I'd be more than happy to hear any suggestions you may have, but as an extra twist, does anyone know of any such speakers that look like rocks (like those rock speakers we've seen in sharper image catalogs and whatnot)...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
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