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Have a buddy that asked for my help picking out some gear for his living room on a budget.

Already has some Bose Acoustimass mounted for surrounds.

I picked out a Vizio TV(mounted above fireplace), Marantz SR3001 receiver, and Harmony remote which he has ordered.

We are looking for fronts and a center right now.

On the fireplace mantle, there is a space/gap in the middle of the mantle where I'm assuming another Acoustimass was mounted. I don't want to get him another Bose Acoustimass to remount there because he's a friend.

The mantle itself is 6in deep. The gap above the mantle and just below the TV is in the shape of a trapezoid....

9in at it's widest at the opening; 3in at it's narrowest in the back ; and 7in deep(13in deep total considering width of mantle), and 6in high.

Can you guys help me out finding a quality center? I guess I'm just lookiing for a great satellite center.

I had picked out either the Yamaha NS-6490 or the Polk Monitor 30 for bookshelves, but their matching centers might be too big. These choices are not set in stone so if you guys recommend me another setup within the $350 budget for 2 fronts(bookshelves) and a center(small to fit the space above mantle), I'm all ears.
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