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Need help for buying a Projector

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Hello friends.......

i want to buy a projector for watching 3d movies.........can anyone suggest me a good projector under 1500USD........
i dont want to invest in Blu Ray player.........
i only want to watch 3d movies from my PC.........

Please suggest me a good projector which run 5-10 years without compromising the picture quality.

Thanks and regards
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Any of the BenQ series starting with the w1040 up to the HT2050a, DLP just is better at 3D. Some of the older Optoma models have a VESA port to use RF glasses that some prefer over the more common DLP link. Now your other issue watching from a PC can be challenging. Up to date video drivers have eliminated 3d support. Use older drivers or possibly some hacks to get around this. 3D formats of PC files vary drastically as there are many types. Half side by side/OU are the easiest to play but also the lowest PQ. The best format is ISO full rips requiring a player that can support them (rare) and hardware of at least HDMI 1.4. A BR player is an inexpensive simple solution that just works every time.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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