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I am new to the HT projector world. I am going to buy the Epson 7500 and a 92 inch screen. My room is 14ft wide, 21ft long with 91 inch ceilings. I have ambient light only from the right with a window and Sliding door(door will be behind 2nd row of seats. The main seating will be between 13-14 feet back. I can mount the projector anywhere on the ceiling.

I am going to paint the walls a dark color and switch out the ceiling tiles to black(I dont know how this wasnt vetoed by the wife).

I will be able to control the ambient light, but I do want to at least have moderate light for watching sports, hdtv during the day. I will have it batcave dark for blurays or ps3/360 at night...Although sometimes I will watch with dimmed lights if with the family.

I have read many different opinions and am a bit confused. I am considering the Grayhawk with has a gain of .9, the firehawk G3: 1.25 and Firehawk SST: 1.1. The epson has 1600 lumens if I need them for ambient light, but I want to get the best screen for both conditions without sacrificing PQ, especially for HT Bluray in batcave mode. That is my top priority for wow factor.

Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated.
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