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Need help for picture problem

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I finally got my new 50HDX82 delivered and I would like any help or comments from anyone who knows about these things. This is my first RPTV and the picture doesn't really appear acceptable to me:

1) Colours look natural in the centre of the screen. As you look towards the left and the right they take on a pinkish tint.

2) A very faint (but noticeable) shadow vertically on the left side of the screen. (about 1.5 inch wide)

3) A very faint (but noticeable) light line vertically near the center of the screen. (about 1 inch wide)

4) a noticeable (only up close) slight, half-circle pattern - top to bottom - on the left side, that pixels take on. (hard to describe but only seen within inches of screen)

It's had only about 24 hours break-in but it seems to be getting more noticeable over time. I've only done the basic 9 point convergence as of yet.

Has anybody noticed these sorts of issues with their tv? Does anyone know if this is normal and will go away over time or with proper calibration?

Any help would be appreciated!!
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