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I moved and need HT from scratch.

The basement is 25 feet wide by 22 feet deep. 9 ft ceilings

Viewing distance: 11 feet

The odd builtins tolerate a video display 52 inches wide

Unfortunately, it has space on both sides for subs less than 17 * 17

Above this, it has space for two large main channels 20 inch wide by 22 high

and a large skinny shelf for a center channel 52 inch wide by 10 inch high

mid channels need to be less than 8 in wide; both mid and rear will be wall mounted

Budget: $3000-$4000 for speakers for a 7.2 system

Primary uses:

50% Movies

10% Music (Concert DVDs or Audio CDs, occasional classics)

10% Gaming

30% General sports viewing on Directv feed

Listening habits.

Rock, classical, jazz

Appearance requirements.

Front and center channels: black or magohany

mid and rear: white or creme finish

7. Timeframe. No rush

So far, I am thinking about getting

Subs: SVS SB12 Plus subwoofers (14 * 14 inch) two for $700 each

Front: Maybe Salk Sound MBOW1 in a custom mahogany finish for $1000 a pair, but cant find dimensions for these.

Mid, Center and Rear: No idea..

Other components Im considering in case anyone is interested

Samsung LN52A650 52 inch LCD $1920 on Amazon

DVDO Edge Video Processor $800

Onkyo TX-SR806 Audio Receiver $640 on Amazon

PS-3 blu ray player (own)

Nintendo Wii (own)

Directv (own)

need a cd/hi res audio player too
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