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I have DishTV but they don't offer HD Locals in my area and I've been trying to work out a plan to get my local HD networks for a while. After some research here I was pretty much told I needed a large roof mounted antenna that rotates to have a good chance to pick all 4 up. Well after many battles with the wife the roof antenna was nixed, and I can't do an attic antenna due to a radiant barrier. So, against most of the advice I got here I purchased a HDTVa indoor antenna hoping to maybe get 1 channel. One channel is 8 miles away the rest are 22-25 miles (in all different directions).

To my amazing surprise I picked up the channel that was 8 miles away beautifully (96 signal strength). I also picked up the station 25 miles away at an amazing 92% signal strength. The FOX station 22 miles away I get at 74% which is 90% flawless. This is all without rotating my small 12in indoor antenna at all. Safe to say I was extremely pleased.

Of course one channel didn't come in. It's 24 miles away and VHF. I'm wondering since I only need one channel (On VHF 10) at a known distance in a terrain where an indoor antenna picks up UHF channels at 25 miles no problem is there a good VHF solution for me? I'd like a small discrete VHF antenna I could mount pretty low on my roof that's highly directional and I can point right at the 1 station I need. Is there a product like this that exists? I can live with only 3/4 locals but I'm so close I'd love to get all 4. Thanks!
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