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I have recently purchased the HT SP908 all in one system from onkyo. I have all receivers connected along with the receiver and the dvd player. I have comcast cable connected to the receiver with an HDMI cable and then an HDMI cable running to the HD TV.

I am having trouble getting sound out of all of the speakers. When I run the onkyo automatic setup program, it finds all speakers (in the correct place) and seems to configure them. I then can manually go through and select each speaker and sound comes out of them.

Problem 1)When watching TV or watching DVD I am only receiving sound out of my 2 fornt speakers and my center speaker. I have tried a bunch of different listening modes and I made sure that the Digital Input is set to HDMI auto.

Problem 2)When listening to my ipod nano, connected to the onkyo ipod adapter, which is connected to my tape area, I only get sound out of the Left Front speaker, the left surround speaker, the left back surround speaker, and the center speaker. None of the right speakers work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have read through the manual and can't figure this out.

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