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Need help Identifying a Barco!

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I found this locally and the back says it is a BARCO 801S, but it doesn't look like any 801S I've seen online. It's upright, on wheels and looks as if it has built in speakers of its own. It also comes with it's own hard shell transport case! Is this a portable version of the cumbersom 801S? Any info about it would be useful as I would hate to miss a good deal.

Sorry I don't have a picture or link posted, I couldn't figure it out, but I did manage to download images to my gallery, so you can look at it there.


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That's the bottom half of a retro. The top half has a mirror and a lenticular fresnal RP screen.
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this is half of a rear projection barco 801s missing the screen.

It will have no use to you without the screen and it is too difficult to change into a front projector.

it would be fine for spare parts however for a normal 801 FP

Originally Posted by virusc /forum/post/0

it would be fine for spare parts however for a normal 801 FP

801s or 808 FP.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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