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I'm primarily a gamer, but, also want to watch netflix. I don't want absolute god-tier IQ, i.e. plasma, but, I want something that will look pretty good.


I've narrowed it down to:




VIZIO M401i-A3 40-Inch 


I'm leaning towards the LG since the LG is cheaper, but, I've heard wonderful things about the Vizios. Plus 3 HDMI slots..


Like I said I don't care about the absolute best. If I did I'd go plasma (and why I'm eventually going to upgrade my 60" CRT to a W900A), but, I want something that is going to look good. 

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I have an LG 42LN5300 it has a low contrast LG IPS panel . I gave it to my son, couldn't watch it replaced it with a 40" Sony KDL 40R450A with a Samsung VA panel .

It's probably OK if the room is not to bright and you can get it cheap though that's something you might want to look at B4 you buy it . The Visio may have a better picture

I can't say if they are reliable or not . The 2014 Visio B FALD models are supposed to be decent Pix( better than the 2013 Mseries ) and priced well .

Visio E400i-B2

Visio E420iBO


http://www.target.com/p/vizio-42-class-1080p-120hz-full-array-led-smart-tv-black-e420i-b0/-/A-14359763 ?
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