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My tiny (about 375 sf) first floor beach condo is where I need to sound proof my ceilings which are barely 8' high! Obviously it is noisy in the months when I want to be there.

I am researching the correct methods for myself and my contractor since neither one of us has ever done this!

I do not intend to install any recessed lights and will wrap my HVAC ductwork/electrical boxes with whatever sound proofing material that is recommended.

I have read that it is important to slightly suspend the new drywall ceiling (about 1/2") with "Quiet Clips" onto which hat channels snap in place --so noise vibrating from the joists is not heard in my rooms below. I will attach 5/8" drywall onto these hat channels.

Now I want to shield my condo from airborne sounds. I have read about mass-loaded vinyl and different types of sound absorbing/blocking insulation that is placed between the joists.

Since this is not a home theater situation nor a music studio, but only a condo where you can hear neighbors from above walking and some talking/music sounds, what are my best options that are sure-proof and economical.

Specific Decisions to Make:

1. Is dropping the new ceiling about 1/2" using A96R "Quiet Cips" and then snapping 10 x 7/8" (25 guage) hat channels into the clips the right thing to do? (I will follow the proper spacing requirements for clips and channels.) See attachment below.

resilmount-a96r-installation-diagram.pdf 195k .pdf file

2. Is it sufficient to mount just ONE piece of regular 5/8" drywall to the hat channels?

3. Next I was told to attach "Acoustiblok" vinyl sheets below each of the hat channels and the other open joists where there are no clips/channels installed to absorb/block "footfall" sounds from above. See attachment below.

install_acoustiblok directs.pdf 412k .pdf file

4. Now I want to absorb/block airborne sounds coming the floor above with a sound abating material like, Quiet Fiber, Quiet Batt, Roxul, R-19 Thermal insulation OR WHATEVER YOU EXPERTS RECOMMEND! See attachment below.

Acousticblok install pic.jpg 15k .jpg file

5. I will wrap sealant pads around electrical junction boxes and use acoustical sealant around the openings in the perimeter of each ceiling.


I hope to order whatever materials you recommend in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your expert opinions!

Frank B.

[email protected]

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Read the Soundproofing 101 articles at www.soundproofingcompany.com and call them, or look for Ted here on the forum for advice about your specific situation.
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