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So i am very new to this...I want to do this right the first time...

So I want to watch movies/tv shows/ off my home computer.

My computer is about 8 years old. Also its up stars.

My tv is down stars. Pioneer Kuro

How to i do this? with out running a 100ft cable in the house.




Now witch one? or is there anything better or whats better?

Do i need a WiFi in the house? How strong of a signal do i need?

PowerLine Networking will this work?

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If you have Coax Cable/ Cable TV already in the house, the Netgear MoCa adapters are as close to wired performance as you'll find and recent price drops on the gear now makes it the clear choice over powerline.


But you're going to have to offer up some more details about the 8yr old PC as it might not be reworkable to work as an HTPC/Server.
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