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Need Help - Internal 4 pin S/PDIF header to Coaxial

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Hi, I've built a new PC and would like to take advantage of the s/pdif header that's on the the motherboard.

The motherboard header layout is as follows (as stated in the manual):

Pin -- Signal -- Function

1 - - SPDIF - - SPDIF digital output

2 - - +5VA - - 5V analog Power

3 - - Key.. - - No Pin

4 - - GRND - - Ground

I have a very nice 3 pin to coax connector from Frontex , but not sure how should I modify it to work with my board's layout.

I can get a 4 pin connector or make one, but I'm not sure how to run the wires.... is it just 1 & 4 connected to the coax, or do I need to worry about the 5V pin some way?



Help is greatly appreciated.
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The white wire has to be connected to Pin 1 (S/PDIF) and the black wire to Pin 4 (Ground). You need either two HEADER CONNECTOR 1 X 1 or one
Just to add to renethx's post, the +5VA pin is only used for an Optical connector, it's not used for coaxial.
Thank you guys!

Cool. Will get it wired tonight. I think I'll just cut the 3 pin one I have in half.
Worked perfectly. Enjoying the iTunes through the receiver via Coaxial cable. Thank you guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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