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I'm stuck between a couple speakers for my deck.

I'm looking at :

Boston Acoustics Voyager 7 (kinda pricey)

Boston Acoustic Voyager 6 (I can get for $425 pair)

Klipsch AW-650

Polk Atrium 60

I haven't heard the Boston Acoustics but I've heard good things about them here. I heard the Klipsch and Polks at Tweeter and the Klipsch really sounded awesome there.

There are price differences here - the Polks are the most affordable ($400) while the VOyager 7's are the most ($600). Not sure if it is worth it.

I have a huge backyard - and a firepit in the woods which is about 80' away from where the deck is and the speakers will be - I'd like to hear the music over there.

Thanks for the help.
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