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Hi all,

I am a videophile and start the calibration until 2008, currently I owned

1. i1 Pro
2. i1 Pro 2
3. i1 display Pro

I usual use ChromaPure and Calman 5 as my calibration software. As I am a ISF LEVEL II certified calibrator since 2012, I took some freelance calibration job, but not often, 4 to 5 times a year.

Now I am seriously consider to make a one-off big investment on the meter for long term use. The factor to be consider is price , accuracy and speed.

I am considering 3 meters.

1. Klien Instruments K10A
2. Colorimetry Research CR100
3. Colorimetry Research CR250 (spectroradiometer)

Any advice?

Thanks a lot!
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