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Hi all,

This is an old issue I have with my PG9200:

The green tube has some kind of signal noise when turn on.

Blue and Red are fine. When feed it with signal (video or RGB) the noise still exist. There are about ten stripes run across the CRT tube horizontally.

When there is no signal dectect, the blue and red are black with no light but the green still glow with these stripes.

The PJ is not set up so I can not tell what would like onto screen.

With signal feeded, the green image is somewhat shaky, unstable.

Is there a board that dedicate to Red, Green, Blue CRT?

Should I try to reseat any board?

Is this has anything to do with G2 adjustment.

All three tubes have no burn mark with 1700 hrs usage

There is a glow spot at the middle of the green CRT when the PJ shut off and last about 2 sec. Doug Baisey advised me on this glow spot (G2 set too high?) but problem still exist :(

Thank you for any input/advice

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