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I'm a newbie to the forum but a long time looker on here. I have a couple questions and would like to get it all straightened out before I move forward with my project.

The reason I am going with a HDMI splitter is because Direct TV screwed me over bad!! I got rid of my extra HD boxes because they were ripping me off on the bill. In a 3 month period they charged me almost $2,000! If I didn't pay it, they would of sent me to collections. It's a long story on why it was that much. If someone is bored and wants to know, I'll write it all out for you. Back to the thread.

I'm looking to get a 1x3 splitter or bigger. My plan is to run it off the back of my Onkyo receiver. I want to run a 50' +/- HDMI to my game room and another one out on my deck. I've been doing some research and have narrowed it down to a few companies with good reviews and a warranty.


Will that HDMI cable work if I plugged it into another receiver (game room)? or should I just run it straight to the tv?

Is there any splitters that I should stay away from? I know this isn't the best way to go but I don't want to keep spending a fortune on Direct TV and rarely use it.

I'm doing this because I enjoy having friends over for sporting events (UFC, NCAA, NFL etc..). Normally we all just pile in the living room and sit around the 64" Samsung but I have found out that we spend alot more time in the game room and outside. So I'm looking to redo my deck and mount a 40"+ TV outside. Also it gets so hot inside my house at night so we would like to be able to sit out and watch TV on the deck or while in the hot tub.

If anyone has tips for me, anything will be gladly accepted. Just bought my first house and have been working on it to get it the way we want it.

Thanks in advance.
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