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Hey guys/gals, I am in need of some assistance with picking some new surround speakers.

I have a 5.1 set up right now but I am looking to get 2 more speakers to make a 7.1 system.


My current 5.1 system:


Denon 1913 7.1 Receiver


Polk TL350 5.0 Speakers


Polk DSW660wi Subwoofer 



The options that I was looking at:


2 more Polk TL3 Satellite Speakers


2 Polk FXI A4 Bipole/Dipole Speakers


My questions/comments:



What are the benefits of Dipole/Bipole?(if any)


The new Speakers would be going into the back left & right speaker positions, not side left & right.


 Should I buy all of my speakers from the same manufacturer?

 or is there another brand of better quality at the same price point?(I've heard you should stick with the same manufacturer somewhere)


Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.  


Thank you for taking the time to read this far. 



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